Design as Democratic Inquiry: A Conversation with Carl DiSalvo

May 19, 2022, 1pm PDTWebinar URL: In his recent book, Design as Democratic Inquiry: Putting Experimental Civics into Practice, Carl DiSalvo presents an argument for “doing design otherwise”. Arguing that democracy requires constant renewal and care, he shows how designers can supply novel contributions to local democracy by drawing together theory and practice, making and reflection. The relentless pursuit of innovation, uncritical embrace of the new and novel, and treatment of all things as

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Towards an Atlas of AI: A Conversation with Kate Crawford

April 19, 2021, 4pm PDTWebinar URL: Where do the motivating ideas behind Artificial Intelligence come from and what do they imply? What claims to universality or particularity are made by AI systems? How do the movements of ideas, data, and materials shape the present and likely futures of AI development? Join us for a conversation with social scientist and AI scholar Kate Crawford about the intellectual history and geopolitical contexts of contemporary AI research and

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